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JBPWAVE : The Call To Adventure - A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix

JBPWAVE : The Call To Adventure - A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix.
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In which Dr Peterson details the CALL TO ADVENTURE over epic Ghibli Lofi Beats. Consider this the prequel to JBPWAVE6, coming soon buckos!

Audio taken from
Jordan Peterson on "In The Trenches" with Tom Morkes


Mixed by Akira The Don in Don Studios, Downtown LA, 2018.


00:00 A June & J Beat - Aphrodite (Remix)
02:32 A June & J Beat - Inochi No Namae (Remix)
06:29 A June & J Beat - Merry Go Around Of Life (Remix)

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JBPWAVE: A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Congratulations JBP on an incredible year of helping people SORT THEMSELVES OUT. Thank you for the inspiration, and I hope you all enjoy this 45 minute mix of amazing music and mighty wisdom as much as I did making it. Now go do the self authoring program it's dope and me and wifey are finding it hugely beneficial.

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altitude - thinking about no one
Jinsang - Elevated
elijah who - Know The Feelin
Mounika - How Can I
Akira The Don - Be A Plumber
sweetbn_ - yo you forgot to pass the blunt
post - holding your hand
sweetbn_ - love
altitude - lake.serne
Mounika - Hip-Hop Prayer
Dirty Uludag - cybernetic daydream
sweetbn_ - after sunset
sweetbn_ - i found you (loop)
Gummy Bear - 8AMIME9OK3kc
Sky High - imaginary friends
inters - nostagia
ginseng - Summers Day
eery - her
Juan RIS - hawaii
saib. - A Woman
Monunika - I Think I Like You
altitude - dire.docks
LPF - The A In Brighton
Dirty Art Club - Sun Burn
sweetbn_ - i held you so close i forgot the world