Akira The Don - GOLDTRON III - Full Album

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GOLDTRON III is the third in my series of instrumental collections. This gathers together soundscapes created here in Don Studios for projects including the 12 Rules For Life and TIMEWAVE albums, along with various other Wave projects.

JBPWAVE : The Call To Adventure - A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix

JBPWAVE : The Call To Adventure - A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix.
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In which Dr Peterson details the CALL TO ADVENTURE over epic Ghibli Lofi Beats. Consider this the prequel to JBPWAVE6, coming soon buckos!

Audio taken from
Jordan Peterson on "In The Trenches" with Tom Morkes


Mixed by Akira The Don in Don Studios, Downtown LA, 2018.


00:00 A June & J Beat - Aphrodite (Remix)
02:32 A June & J Beat - Inochi No Namae (Remix)
06:29 A June & J Beat - Merry Go Around Of Life (Remix)

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The Best Open Format DJ ON EARTH 🌎🎚🌎

My name is Akira The Don and I hereby declare it is my intention to be the best Open Format DJ  on earth.

To me, Open Format means playing the right music, at the right time, with no constraints from genre or style. Therefore, if I’m DJing in the club, I’m going to play exactly the right music to make sure that, if you’re in that room, you have the most PEAK experience you possibly can.

Then when you get home, you can put on my streaming radio to chill out, or listen to one of my mixes to soundtrack your afterparty, or whatever else you’re doing in the small hours. 

When you wake up, I have the perfect pop songs to kick start your day in the most glorious fashion imaginable.

When you’re in the gym, I have the ideal motivation music, album. mixes and playlists to make sure you smash your targets.

Whatever you’re doing, I have the music for it.

Your life is a movie, and I’m here to score it. I want to create the soundtrack for your best possible experience on this planet. 

I am Akira The Don, and it is my intention to be the best Open Format DJ on earth.

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Shot by Robert Stainforth and Charlotte Narkiewicz
Special thanks to Christian Laing, Antics, and Rhiannon Harrison

Harrison Bergeron ( Meaningwave ® )

Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron. A MEANINGWAVE audio movie written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and scored by Akira The Don.


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I’ve loved Kurt Vonnegut ever since I read Cat’s Cradle on my first flight to America many years ago. His short story Harrison Bergeron was written in 1961, and is more relevant today than it ever was.



All music by Akira The Don. Mixed by Akira The Don in Don Heights, Hollywood, 2018.


Original art created especially for this project by the incredible Aldous Massie, go check him out and tell him how amazing he is





Akira The Don - Roof Moon

Akira The Don - Migi

Akira The Don - Making Of Cyborg (Ghost In The Shell)





Akira The Don x Jordan Peterson - 12 RULES FOR LIFE: THE ALBUM is out now:


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