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GHIBLI AND CHILL | A Studio Ghibli Lofi hip hop mix

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Mixed by Akira The Don, live in Don Towers, 2019


Akira The Don - Castle of Time Lofi

Mariobeatz - Zeitreise (Princess Mononoke Remix)

A June & J Beat - Path Of The Wind (Remix)

DJ Le Nonsense - A Pig's Gotta Fly

ljones - Chihiros Break (Untitled)

arima - requiem (nausicaä of the valley of the wind remix)

Ice Dice - The Wind of Change

Gate - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Gate Remix)

A June & J Beat - Princess Mononoke (Remix)

None - Sunrise feat. NAK [Instrumental] (Howls Moving Castle)

Gate - Howls Moving Castle Theme (Gate Remix)

Joe Hisaishi & Studio Ghibli - Path of the Wind (Ayur ft. Ness Remix)

Cutlery - Sky The Limit

Saib - Tequila ride.

None - Kikis Delivery Service-A Town With A Ocean View(Remix)

A June And J beat - Inochi No Namae (Remix)

A June & J Beat - Aphrodite (Remix)

DisObey - Grave Of the Fireflies (Nujabes Tribute)

Studio Ghibli - Mononoke Hime (Defiance Remix)[FREE DL]

saib. - Porco Rosso

A June & J Beat - Porco Rosso (Remix)

jinsang - Summers Day. [v2]

Alliswe11 - Hotaru

C h i n s a k u - NoFace

A June & J Beat - Merry Go Around Of Life (Remix)

Makes Sense - Kikis Delivery Service Sample Remix - Piano and Drum Hip Hop Rap Instrumental Beat

My Neighbor Totoro - Path Of The Wind (ÆkaSora Chillhop Remix)

aeik0 - grave of the fireflies.

MISO - Ponyo

sweetbn_ - i love you


TRUE LOFI ROMANCE by Akira The Don. An expertly crafted and lovingly blended valentines lofi mix.
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Because it is the season for love (hell, it is ALWAYS the season for love), I am proud to present to you TRUE LOFI ROMANCE - a very very romantic mix of some of my favorite lofi music to get you in the mood for L O V E    💘


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00:00 - chillintrash - i met this cute girl
01:33 - chuckee - im in love with a girl who likes jazz and chuck taylors
03:24 - Joey Pecora - Ask For Love
04:06 - The Moods - Love Is Real
05:54 - mittens - tired of love
07:12 - Tomppabeats - The Girl Next Door
07:51 - Mounika - Girlfriendlove
08:54 - Tomppabeats - So In Luv
09:42 - sweetbn_ - row flip
10:40 - Driver - The Eye Of Truth
12:24 - sweetbn_ - found you (loop)
13:06 - potsu - [oops]
13:47 - dirty uludag - love is in the air
15:11 - NVTHVN - when you said hi
16:25 - Akira The Don - Love


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Joey Pecora
dirty uludag


12 RULES FOR LIFE: THE ALBUM ft. Jordan Peterson

Akira The Don x Jordan Peterson - 12 RULES FOR LIFE: THE ALBUM
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First came the JBPWAVE mix series. Now I am proud to present to you the ALBUM. 12 songs to balance the order and the chaos. 

All songs produced by Akira The Don in Don Studios LA, 2018.
Words by Jordan B Peterson

Thanks to Dr Peterson for letting me use your words. Thanks to YOU for listening, and bringing your light into he world.

Special thanks to Charlotte and Tammy.


00:00 - Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back
04:33 - Treat Yourself Like Someone You Are Responsible For Helping
07:36 - Make Friends With People Who Want The Best For You
10:36 - Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday, Not To Who Someone Else Is Today
14:24 - Don't Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them
18:21 - Set Your House in Perfect Order Before You Criticize The World
22:40 - Pursue What is Meaningful, Not What Is Expedient
27:22 - Tell The Truth or At Least Don't Lie
32:00 - Assume That The Person You’re Listening To Might Know Something You Don’t
33:56 - Be Precise In Your Speech
37:54 - Don’t Bother Children When They’re Skateboarding
42:54 - Pet A Cat When You Encounter One