LOFI AUTUMN | Lofi hip hop mix

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Mixed by Akira The Don, live in Don Towers, 2019

Art by Hiroshi Nagai


sweetbn_ - text message

burbank - burbank - the happiness of seeing someone again

bsd u - didnt know

Sky.High - we watched the leaves fall

smoke trees. - benzodiazepines

jinsang - trees.

jinsang - riding bikes

Elijah Lee - Her & I (remastered)

jinsang - last autumn

Jehst - ESP (Extra Sensory Perfection)

jinsang - genesis

Idntrmmbr - tamagatchi girlfriend (with idntrmmbr. & nohidea.)

barnes blvd. - now, i see

Kazam - Apollo

dirt cobain - Serenity

Akira The Don - Warp And Woof (Instrumental)

mr hong - february 25, 2018

smoke trees - tinguely (w- henace.)

Akira The Don - Maintain Your Freedom (Instrumental)

L'indécis - Le Sud

through & through - every summer w- jsan

Knight Ali - Wonder Dust

eery - Her

kudasai - metrolink (w- Slippery Salazar)

burbank - i got sad when i realized it was a dream

Kai Kai - Yukon Ho (feat. Alcoda)

jinsang - past memory