Coffee Shop 2 ☕ | Lofi hip hop / JazzHop mix

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Mixed by Akira The Don, live in Don Towers, 2019


yghypnos - b r e a t h e

burbank - to you, with love

masked man - its raining. w- potsu

clooper - Lonely

ntourage - 10k ty beat

Mitch Geist\ - Come Over (Its Been Too Long)

Saib - Sakura Trees

Konteks - Dusty

matt finnegan - lazypiano (no acapella)

burbank - lone

steezy prime - ocean ave

jsan. - wrapped in blanket watching sunset

Jazzinuff - Can I Kick It

saib. - A Woman

The Deli - 1205AM

engelwood - les incompétents

Uncle gabs - Modern Heart

Static The Kidd - Be Alright

masked man - Kid Goku (instrumental)

Hang Ten - Cozy Jazz

Junyii - f l o a t

burbank - seeing your name makes me happy (ON SPOTIFY AND APPLE MUSIC)

Didi Crazzz - Benefits

L'indécis - Metropolis (Sax Quentin Deneuve)

clooper - Sunny

Akira The Don - Lazy Sunday Jazz Lofi

chuckee - mello yello

seito - a wonderful year (ft. Poyo Spirit)

SWIMM - Morning Air

equity slate - fleetin thoughts


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