DONCAST14: Autumn In Winter

snow [display_podcast]

Just live your life! Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eeeeeeeeey!

That's the anthem, throw your damn hands up.


N E Wae!

My ish is goonballsed, and until I find another monkey from somewhere I can't record anything. But I STILL put together a new podcast for y'all. It's basically a bunch of songs I was listening to last night, string together through the popping, the hissing, the skreetching and the wailing of my defective MOTU 828 MkII audio interface. Rilly rilly rilly, stay the FUCK away from MOTU. They are not interested in fixing a problem affecting a huge amount of their customers so they can digest dick in hell, Bubba.

So, I was uploading this shit last night, and the lectric started beeping at me, which is what it does when its about to run out. So I hopped on my bike and cycled off to the shop to buy more. and guess what was going on? Fuckin' SNOW, Bubba! SNOW in October! Huge, wet, cold-ass snow. And that put all my problems in perspective, i gotta say. For I am a man (a man!) who knows, not only what what it means to work hard on machines and to walk along a lonely street of dreams, but what it means to sleep outside in the cold and wet. I did a whole heap of that shit in my late teens, and let me tell you now, that shit sucks donkey balls hard. Fuck that for a game of Operation, my lord!

Now, the sun's out again, but I ain't forgot already. I am blessed regardless. Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eeeeeeeeey!