AIDS T 2 & OG Version

aidst2 Due to popular demand (I love saying that, especially when it's true) I'm bringing back a limited run of Thanks For All the AIDS T-Shirts.

These will be in blue and red. A guaranteed conversation piece at any polite gathering!

Preorders will last but a week, and all come with one of these awesome Batblob badges.

38 millimetres, square. Strong metal parts, with a steel pin back. Distinctive, curvy surface that makes your image stand out. Amazingly detailed, sharp print quality.

They arrived today, they're beautiful.

The T Shirts cost £14.99. We take all major debit and credit cards, and ship worldwide.


To remind you why this is a good idea. Here for you, is the original album version of Thanks For All the AIDS, with the Chris de Burgh sample intact. Dude's lawyers refused clearance, not dude. Dude told me himself.

Download: Akira The Don - Thanks For All The AIDS (NY Master)