Wiz Khalifa Calls Big Ghostface "Corny", Ghostface Killa Gets Upset, Sicks Web Feds On Big Ghostface

Shocks! Wiz Khalifa was on the radio last night calling Ghostface Killa, of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan "corny", because of some wise ass shit spoken by the God Big Ghostface, of the word famous Big Ghostface blog!

Holy flaming stupidity Batman!

As posted on this very website, the mighty Big Ghost (who reviewed ATD25 the other day) posted some of his personal opinions on Wiz's single Roll Up recently, declaring it to be "some shit for the nurseries n shit namsayin."

"Ayo a nigga listen to this shit at the wrong time n he liable to start hangin one them posters wit the little babies dressed like animals n vegetables n shit on they walls," he wrote. "A nigga might go cop one them calendars wit the kittens dressed up like they firemen n hang that shit in the hallway namsayin."

"He played hisself yo," said Wiz, when presneted with the comments as if they were made by Ghostface Killah from The Wu-Tang Clan, and not Big Ghostface Of The Word Famous Big Ghost Chronicles Blog, on the Star And Buckwild show. "We're a young generation and he could possibly have sold some records to those kids. He's corny for that."


Again, HOLY FLAMING STUPIDITY BATMAN! You're going to call Ghostface Killah "corny" because some shock jock just read some shit on the internet? ARE YOU MAD! You;re liable to get thrown through a rick wall for that sort of shit pupling! OH SWEET LORD THE CARNAGE!

The word awaited the holy thunder to emminate from Shaolin with baited breath,. And then Ghostface Killah released the following statement:

"Ayo i wanna address this bullshit going on, this website called bigghostnahmean is a fake website which i have no affiliation with or did i say anthing negative about any of them artists up on that page, got respect for all the young cats coming up doin they thing. tell the kid Wiz, its all love i respect him as a artist and got no issues wit him at all, Once again the website is fake, its not ya boy!"


OK then.

Meanwhile, Big Ghostface, of the Word Famous Big Ghost Chronicles Blog, has been under pressure from the web feds to close his righteous blog down.

"Ayo whattup yall its ya nigga Big Tone Raviolis n all that nahmean," he wrote this morning. "Ayo we might gon be lookin at the last of a dyin breed namsayin. Niggas is infiltratin the gods domains n shit son. Ayo the Fortilive nigga...yalls probably familiar wit em n shit...he been goin covert on the god n makin calls to his law enforcement niggas n be tryin to shut a nigga down. The nigga got wires taped to his chest eyday all day my niggas. Haters n straight retarded niggas is gettin upset n shit over what a nigga sayin nahmean. N yo niggas is takin the Wiz shit a nigga mentioned here n there out they contexts n shit. Niggas is blowin shit up outta proportions nahmean. Ayo niggas is tryin 2 tame the lions nahmean. They holdin out they hands tryin to give the lion rice cakes nahmean. Ayo lionhearted niggas aint eat those namsayin. Niggas is consumin marsupials n shit nahmean. Yalls soft niggas aint know nothin bout that cos yalls is some rodent niggas namsayin. A nigga wit cinnamon in his heart aint gon feel what a nigga sayin right now. Niggas rockin perfumes is gon be offended by a nigga like that nahmeans. Ayo but thats on them son. But yo Imma keep this shit short n sweet yall. We gon see what happens nahmean. Ayo peace to my loyal niggas n my a-grade mamis thats holdin a nigga down n jumpin in front of bullets for a nigga. Yalls know what time it is."

Let us pray for the god, brothers and sisters.