What's Next? Donuts In Your Face

happy-donut-boys Yes, that's right. Piercings, schmiercings. If you wanna stand out from the corwd in these crazy times, you're gonna have to get some Saline Inflation going on. You need DONUTS IN YOUR FACE, kid!

And how does it work?

The professional body piercer will use a saline bag, tube and needle. It works in a similar way to a hospital drip, so the bag needs to be raised above the body part picked for puffing. * Body inflators never make their own saline solution and steer clear of tap water, due to the risk of infection. * The needle is placed under the skin but not in a vein – or the build-up of pressure could mean exploding blood vessels all over the show. * While it’s not that dangerous, some people who’ve done it regularly have found their skin has permanently explanded. * The most interesting place to inflate is the forehead, as the taut skin means the effects are extremely obvious. * Inflatees can prod the inflated lumps to make them look more interesting.

Thanks Bizzarre!