Weed Review: Skunk #1 Seeds

rae It was first created in 1970, it is also known as feminized strains. It is an original hybrid strain and combines the best qualities of two sativa and indica. It was originated with Afghani and Colombian gold. It has a medium yield capacity and therefore it is a very popular and expensive seeds in the market. It has a heavy flowering of indicia. “Skunk” is general term for mostly all kinds of powerful ganja.  It has become one of the main ingredients for breeding parent for most leading “skunk” and other strains.

It produces very dense buds in different colors like light green to shades of golden. It is very easy to maintain because of its bud to leaf ratio. It has a very sweet and subtle smell and gives a taste with cerebral high.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but indoor is more preferred for its quality. When grown indoors it grows to small or medium height and has a flowering period up to 6-9 weeks. Its harvest time is in October; most preferably you will get a fresh and new stock in the same month.

It is very easy to grow, no complex procedures or much maintenance required. It gives you a stoned effect with a nice high.

Latest update in global market - 

In today’s market major seed banks are providing their own version of skunk #1. There are very few seed banks providing the original skunk #1. Many other seeds like feminized seeds, early skunk feminized seeds, and super skunk feminized seeds. These all are one of the varieties of skunk # 1 but not exactly the same.

The composition will have slight change which gives them a very different structure and quality. Recently they are now experimenting with the white skunk feminized seeds to gain market control and recognition. Many seed banks are also providing low quality skunk # 1 seeds, therefore checking the quality will be a smart move.

Review - 

As its composition is pure combination of indica and sativa, both are very powerful ingredients and have their individual identity for giving stoning and high effect. It is mostly sativa which gives skunk #1 an upper hand in the market. Now, going in the composition it has marijuana and has Avery strong odor, therefore if you have close neighbor you should take care of the smell by ventilation and odor controls.

It has a very strong and long term effect on your head so be careful to use it when you are around people. It creates a smoke which gives you intense trademark hit on the head giving a soothing, creative sativa high, lazy indica stone and euphoric. If you are looking for "A" quality skunk #1 seeds for shocking reasonable rates please visit our website http://www.high-supplies.com