WATCH: Vonnegut's Karass and Whirligig Cat's Cradle is in my top ten artworks of all time, natch.

A brief movie defining what a Karass is and how it relates to us. A film by Mr. Dane Sorensen, ELA teacher at School of Discovery. Poetry reading by Mr. Samuel Godfrey George of India. Poem by Dane C. Sorensen. Breathe by Dane C. Sorensen

We breathe and smile at one another, Glad for the company of family and lovers To share the joy life brings to all hearts While working and playing our short part Sharing until breath leaves the quiet heart.

It is not our way for flesh to stay and stay, Our wills do not control our bodies' fate, Our genes dance and twist our youth away And the dangers of life must have their say Of death's end we can but hope to delay.

Once still they share not our mortal pain No word or smile can we witness again. From cremation's mill comes ash and haze Now joining the wind's orbiting flight To soar and float amongst cloud and light.

I breathe and they are breathless I breathe and my lungs hold and gives Much more than air within my ribs I breathe and they are next to my heart With every breath I take, we meet and part.