WATCH: The Infamous Andrew W.K. Madamme JoJo's Lecture

I missed the oppurtunity to be at this show. It caused much buzz. Some said that Andrew admitted to not being real. Some said he admitted to being fake. Others said he did neither, and merely spoke many Great Wisdoms and provoked New Thoughts in the audience.


Andrew W.K. isn't that into this whole contemporary notion of "being real". We were talking about this before the Chilly gig. If something exists, it's real, OK? That's why Superman is real. Superman exists (that 70% of the population know who Superman is suggests he might be more real than you... think again before you blink again).

Superman is real. I am real. Rick Ross is real.

So then, is Andrew W.K.... whether he was created by commitee, test tube, or Sheer Will...

With that then, let us give Major League Props to for this little slice of history. I warn you in advance, however, my little detectives - there is no closure here.

Just Dope for your brain.