WATCH: The Health Industry Lobbying Tour (Documentary)

The Health Industry Lobbying Tour from Mancha Productions on Vimeo.

Goddamn leeching scum! Get away from our NHS you carcass sucking buzzards! A pox on you and the zombie horse you rode in on!

Jeres sent me this recently, I thought I'd posted it already but a search reveals not, so here it is in all its foul horrorful anti-glory:

Grrr, just reading Tory propaganda in the Tory bullshit press. There’s an article in the Wall Street Journal called ‘Britain’s Borrowed-Time Bomb’ about how the NHS is unsustainable as it controls 16.5pc of GDP and increased some 40pc under Brown, and apparently Britain is going to be in worse crisis than Ireland if it continues financing the health system, according to the Adam Smith Institute. The article is written by Eamonn Butler. Would that be the same Eamonn Butler who is the founder of Tory think tank the Adam Smith Institute? BLATANT!