WATCH: The Game of Thrones Cast Narrates The History Of Westeros

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 18.54.59 ULTRA MEGA AWESOME BONUS G.O.T. SHIT YOU MAY NOT BE AWARE OF ALERT! Cos I was not aware of it. Its basically an extra three hours of Game of Thrones TV, structured in the POV manner of the books. I found it on my hangover day on Sunday and watched all of it and it was wonderful. Basically, the G.O.T. cast, in character, and from their varying points of view, narrate the complex and rich history of Westeros that you'd otherwise only know if you'd read the books, which I have, but this is an amazing refresher ahead of the new season, which, from the preview I saw in IMAX the other day, looks like taking us right up to the end of Dance With Dragons.

Anyway, these were done for each of the seasons' DVD and Blueray releases, so there is a part 4 out there somewhere but I haven't found it on Youtube yet so if anyone spots it holla.

OK, go watch this shit now, it is awesome. YOU'RE WELCOME.