WATCH: The Deadpool Movie Test Footage Remember when there was talk of Ryan Reynolds starring in a Deadpool move that was to be actually based on the comics not some random character from Soul Kalibur like that fuck awful Wolverine movie? And how there was test footage and Rob Liefeld said it was totally awesome and rated R and shit? This was before Ryan Reynolds made everyone hate Ryan Reynolds by making that fuck awful Green Lantern movie, and Ryan Gosling sort of stole his seat at the Hollywood lunch table. Anyway, this is that footage Rob Liefeld said was totally R rated and shit. There is swearing in it, and some cartoony violence. Is that sort of thing still R rated? I thought Rs were reserved for, like, vulva shots and contentious political statements or something. It's OK. It kind of plays out like a cut scene from a computer game, but then it is all CGI, which I didn't notice at first, so that's something. The "Deadpool" stuff from that fuck awful Wolverine move was like a computer game too and it fucking sucked Bilbo balls so I have no idea why they thought that was the way to go.

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