WATCH: Surf's Up Brian Wilson Solo Performance 1966 (Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution) I was In Hastings yesterday and Dr Hague was blessing my ears with lots of rare Beach Boys stuff. Then I got back all like, right, I'm gonna listen to loads of rare Beach Boys stuff, and found this as the top post at Dangerous Minds. Amen.

Beach Boy Brian Wilson performing “Surf’s Up” (for my money, his single greatest song) from the then “upcoming” Smile album in 1966. If you’re a big Beach Boys fan, this clip might bring tears to your eyes.

This is an excerpt from Leonard Bernstein’s landmark CBS-TV documentary special, Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution, which aired the following year on April 25, 1967. Bernstein’s film also featured Graham Nash and Frank Zappa and was one of the very first serious documentaries about rock music—Bernstein took the then-unusual approach of treating pop as a legitimate art form—produced for American television.