WATCH: Smithy Boy and Crew (10 Year old Smoking & Rapping) Freestyle

"Don't tell a muh tell a oh tee one yuh know's true that I fucked your mum on a dip in a bush man up the fanny cos I swear down blood there's a bus and it's a TRANNY!"

At least that's what it sounded like he said. I think most of it is right, if anyone can work out the bits I'm missing please let me know.

Rah though. This kid's ten and he's basically saying the same shit I was when I was 19. He's better than I was too. He's evidently very clever, I hope his teachers are nurturing that blatant gift he has for creative linguistics (YEAH RITE). I see a bright future for him, unless THE SYSTEM takes him down first.

That big one's super funny, I used to know a dude like him called Tom in Beaumaris back in the day, kinda mentally retarded older dude who hung out with kids half his age, the kind of company in which he felt like a king.

Anyway. Been saying this for ages, but NORTH GOT NEXT!

Via the mighty Grime Report.