WATCH: Roofer Basejumps off The Shard In London Four Times

I do hate to post anything with "The Sun" branded on it, but this is dope.

From The Telegraph:

Dan Witchalls, a roofer from Essex, claimed he edged past security guards at night before jumping from the 1,017ft building and gliding into the deserted London streets below. The claims appear in videos filmed on a helmet-mounted camera and follow the confession by a team of "urban explorers" to having climbed the skyscraper more than a dozen times in the past three years. Mr Witchalls, 46, from Great Canfield, said: "When I heard it was being built, I thought, 'I must give that a go'." The highest jump was said to be from 850ft. One was carried out with another man, named in the films as Jules.

"I could have been a terrorist," added Da, presumably because he was talking to The Sun and its important to stress that the world is full of potential massacre sites for "terrorists" in it's filthy pages. "I could have planted a huge bomb. Imagine a bomb the size of my backpack, full of explosives. A thousand feet up it would do some damage."