WATCH: Police Attack Guy In Wheelchair

The guy in the video getting dragged around by hired thugs is Jody McIntyre, who is Righteous Dude, and a legend. He also has cerebral palsy. He told The Telegraph what happened to him at the demonstration in London last Thursday:

On reaching Parliament Square with his 16-year-old brother Finlay, Mr McIntyre quickly became caught up in a large crowd of protesters being pushed back by police.

He said: "I managed to get through to the front of the crowd and ended up facing the police, It was clear that they wanted violence. You could see it in their faces. They started using their batons and one hit me on my left shoulder, sending a sharp shooting pain down my arm. Other people around me were being hit on the head.

"Four policemen then grabbed my arms and shoulders and dragged me out of my wheelchair. My brother and some friends tried to pull me back but the police were beating them."

Ten minutes after Mr McIntyre was pulled out of the crowd by riot officers his brother managed to struggle through police lines with his wheelchair. The pair then rejoined the crowd of protesters, this time surging towards back through Parliament Square towards the Department of Education, in Victoria Street.

In the melee Mr McIntyre and Finlay found themselves alone in a no-mans land between the crowd and the police. It was at this point that he claims he was targeted by one of the same officers who had earlier dragged him out of his wheelchair.

He said: "A policeman was in front of me, telling me to move, but he was a bit nervous because I am disabled. Then out of the corner of my I saw one of the officers from the previous incident. He seemed to recognise me from earlier and came running over."

Without warning, claims Mr McIntyre, the officer tipped his wheelchair over and pushed him onto the tarmac. He dragged me across the road by my arms," said Mr McIntyre. "It was painful."

An angry crowd was soon swarming around the officer, shouting at him to release Mr McIntyre. "I managed to get back into my wheelchair and lost sight of the police officer, who was surrounded by protesters," he added.

Below is footage of him speaking at the Rage Against Israel demo in June.