WATCH: Mocky - Make You Rich LA M.O. IN THE HOUSE!

With some fly new shit form his GRAVEYARD NOVELAS project. HEAR HIM SPEAK ON IT! WITH VOGUE!

“Moving from Berlin has been a really wild experience. There’s a whole new music scene developing here that resembles the Berlin electronic scene in its heyday. This song was written shortly after arriving in L.A., and represents the contrast between art and money—there was quite a bit of culture shock when my wife (Desiree Klein, a designer who also styled this video), our two-year-old son, and I arrived last year. But slowly we started to see that the power of creativity and artistic vision that we developed in Berlin does have a niche and a purpose in L.A. right now, that there is a cultural exchange going on between these seemingly remote corners of the creative universe. I love the way the video turns the whole idea of money on its head—the power of an idea can be worth so much more.”