WATCH: Moby Showing Off His Synths

Have at ye a very nicely produced and shot lil' video wherein Mr Moby shows off his awesome home recording setup and makes me jealous. Dude's such a massive fucking geek, one can't help but like him, despite the commercial excesses of Play. At least he put all that wong to good use. Props mayne, I aspire to your wealth.

Tell you what though, I remember being told a story in New York one time, about how Moby got this famous mixer to come to his home studio to mix one of his albums, and above the mixing desk was a 2 x life-size photograph of Moby in all his nudey glory, as bald and naked as the day he was born. His cock hung right above the centre of the desk, and the famous mixer had to look at it as he mixed Moby's album, every day, for three weeks. I think purgatory might be a little like that.