WATCH: Lil Wayne Makes Up For 5 Years of Crap Records With 5 Minutes Of Court Video Gold Seriously, this makes up for everything we were complaining about the other day. AMAZING.

"Mr Cater, you have to wait till the attorney is is fished asking the question."

"I'm sorry, I'm psychic."

"What image are you portraying in the media?"

"I don't portray anything. I am who I am and you guys portray what you do."

"Do you like to.."

"You know he can't save you in the real word?. That guy right there. He can't save you in the real world."

From MissInfo:

Rare in life are those moments that just bring people together…like the way we’ve all bonded over Lil Wayne’s deposition footage. Yesterday, we posted 5 minutes of Lil Wayne in a mental battle with Pete Ross, a lawyer for filmmaker QD3. Weezy is suing Q (that’s Quincy Jones’ son, and all around nice guy) for his fascinating 2009 documentary The Carter. First Wayne was all on board with the film, opening up his life, his family, his creative process and his vices to the film crew. But when the end result was a bit too raw, he called it a “scandalous portrayal” and claimed he didn’t give permission. Now Wayne is also suing for illegal use of his music…. Well, thank you, Patron Saints of Litigation! Without you, we’d never see Lil Wayne tell Pete Ross that he can’t remember spending a year at Rikers. That he doesn’t hire photographers because he’s a super star (very accurate). And that the lawyer won’t have anyone to save him in real life. (Weezy later claimed he was just talking to himself, LOL) So. Much. Gold. Watch it over and over and over, right here.

But TMZ released another clip… And this time, Lil Wayne namesdrops a pretty influential member of his entourage…. Watch it after the jump…