WATCH: Jim Bob - Dream Come True DAMN SON. Classic Jim Bob shit right here.

I had a meeting with Pledge Music the other week, actually. I wasn't impressed buy their model. You know they take a whopping 20% of the money, and they only give you 60% of it, only releasing the rest when you have "fullfilled" the thing? So what's the point if you need the money to make the record? As far as I can tell that model will only work for established legacy acts that don't need help with the actual founding and just need a way to release music (and £100 handwritten lyric sheets) to their established fanbases outside of a major label system. Which is fine if you're one of them I guess.

Oh, and high five Jim Bob for one upping my LITF2.5 video. Clever sod.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 09.18.07