WATCH: Grey Worm From Game Of Thrones Is A Sex n Drugs n R n B Singer Called Raleigh Ritchie So the dude who plays Grey Worm on Game Of Thrones - deviating from the book by having lustful eunuch thoughts about Mellissandre who is also 12 in the book but not on the show so its OK but still weird cos he a eunuch - is also a SINGER, going by the name of Raleigh Ritchie, and he's on some crazy UK Frank Ocean/Weeknd sex and drugs and r and b flex.

Anyway, this may not be news to YOU but it is news to ME, so this one is sharing cos that is caring. Also this song is dead good. PROPS in ABUNDANCE to Raleigh Ritchie, AKA Grey Worm, AKA Jacob Anderson.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 16.16.06