WATCH: Giggs - What Niggas Want I'm just gonna straight up quote Semtex here:

Giggs is back.....finally, balance is restored to the game. I was beginning to think that the hype about the Mayans was right, it does feel like shit is coming to an end. Take a look around..

A lot of Rappers are trying to out cheese each other, trying to make that 'Look at me i'm famous rap', which doesn't mean shit in the long run, and wont be getting played 6 months from now. How many classics have you heard in the last 18 months? How many classics have you heard that will be around 10 years from now? How many albums will stay on your hard drive more than 6 months? I love the fact that there is UK Rap, Grime, HipHop from the UK, etc, and by all means get your money, but sweet Jesus respect our ears, respect our hard drives, don't shower us with 50 shades of shit.

Now that Dubstep has been severely rinsed , 'Trap' is the new thing. Really? I mean really? I see these hipster, stand for nothing/fall for anything DJs humping it like a dog on heat when they don't know anything about the trap sound apart from what they discover on Hype Machine. I hear people playing any remix, any shit production, bouncing around doing the Ye' or Odd Future skank they've been rehearsing at home for the last few months. At least put some Juicy J in the mix. At least do a bit of research, listen to some UGK, early Young Jizzle. TNGHT and Baauer are excellent at what they do, they bring something new to the table, and they have a commitment to excellence in their sound, which contributes to the culture, not disgrace it like the rest of the shit that is infecting Seratos and Rekord Boxes worldwide.

Thank f*ck Giggs is back. He's always stayed true to his fan base, his sound, where he came from, the scene, etc. He is one of the few (there's not many of them) real artists out here, actually delivering 'What Niggas want'.

Finally, some kind of balance is restored.