WATCH: Ghostface Interviewed With ThisIs50

"When we came in it took skill. You had to have a sword, B. Your sword had to be sharp. You had to be ready to cut niggas." Ghostface, 2009

This is a dope interview. Ghost talks about the difference between Staten Island and the rest of NY, his relationships with the rest of the Wu, and a bunch other ish.

While we're talking about Ghost, I was leafing through RZA's book, The Wu-Tang Manual, and I came across this gem, from a section entitled The Legend Of The Ghostface Killah:

I remember a concert at the Harlem Armory in uptown Manhattan. The knights of The Wuu were there to perform with other rap crews when a fight broke out. People were fighting onstage, backstage, everywhere. It was just one of those days, when the whole place is fighting. People are swinging and kicking. Coca-Cola cans are flying fast as bullets, hitting people in the head. It was chaos. In the centre of it, you see one man.

There he is. Pants down to his knees. Two guys on one arm. Two guys on another arm. Two guys on his legs. He's throwing arms, pushing through - he's just unstoppable. Ghostface. He was like The Thing. Just throwing niggas! Ghostface is super strong. He was back then and he still is.

What awesome imagery is that, huh?