WATCH: Dave Rodigan VS Poison Dart!

This just in from the homie Mothboy:

Fucking *love* Rodigan

Seen him once down at (i think Stockwell) in 98 , place went fucking MENTAL .. this footage here sums him up , totally

"I dont come wid no bullet proof vest and i don't come wid no selectah" after essentially being warned by Poison Dart on Poison Dart's turf

smashes it , commands utter respect too

love seeing that shit up on the Blob blog , love it

Blessings Mothboy. That video is amazing. Actually, can I still call you Mothboy? Mothboy is retired, right? #Damn.

You'll always be Mothboy to me!

FYI the tunes played were (cheers to rhusbands100!):

1st Song called "dun dead already" not sure who is by

2nd song called "murderer" by barrington levy

3rd song is by the group isreal vibrations dont know the name of the song

4th song is "get yourself together" dennis brown

5th song is "rally round" steel pulse

6th song is "substitute lover" half pint

7th song is "step aside" beres hammond

8th song and my favourite "18 and over" by cocoa tea