WATCH: Confide - Such Great Heights / HairWax Metal Band Upset Postal Service Fans

Ooow! Lookit that! A bunch of dipped-in-Dax nauvoux metallers called Confide have taken a Postal Service song and grunted and wailed all over it, now the internets are up in arms. Typical!

Here is a small selection of what the internets are saying about the band called Confide:

"Fuck these guys. Really. Deliverance style. I'll teach you how to fucking pig squeal!" Andyvglnt, on Twitter

"this is the biggest piece of shit i've ever seen." Intoofar, on Youtube

holy Jesus fucking Christ white people what the fuck Joxmacd, on Youtube

This is so bad i think everyone of these kids should kill themselves. And on top of it whatever director shot this should retire for the rest of his life. What a bunch of douche bags, holy crap. DigitalVirus, on Youtube

This shit is so Milli Vanilli it's sick. What is wrong with kids today? You can't even really play or sing this song. And where are they finding so many ugly people for all these bands? I weep for the future. abark on Youtube

this is my new favorite thing ever in the whole universe, ever ever Hilary from 94.9 FM

Me? I actually have NO OPINION! Sorry. I'm like Em back in the day: