WATCH: Block B - Very Good I've been obsessed with this for about two weeks now and I just realised I have't posted it yet, so here you.

I initially dismissed it as a cheap Big Bang rip-off, but the thing grew on me in an intense fashion (it also sounds a lot like one of me and Wade's new songs, which helps), and I have since come to consider it more of a playful parody. And I very much appreciate the early nineties cock-rock aspects of the thing. And that lil dude with the glasses doing the falsetto thing is truly inspirational.

There are actually three ridiculously high end versions of this video out there, one featuring n elaborate bank heist and one of the dudes being served as the main course at a banquet, but this one gets across their personalities best I think.


Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 13.44.05PS: