WATCH: B.A.P. Channels Peak Level Mid Naughties 50 Cent And Eminem With ONE SHOT Damn son this is nuts. From a pure production level, how they've managed to compress all the most bombastic elements of mid-naughties 50 Cent and Eminem into one song, whist simultaneously surpassing the ambition of those records and that retaining the peak level K-Pop glory  is astounding.

Imagine if Eminem and 50 dropped a record that sounded this vast right now, rather than the tepid drain-circling misery they've been leaking like boiler-water for nearly a decade.

I mean, I won't be bumping this like I am that Block B record, but still, impressive shit.

EDIT: I am bumping this like I did that Bock B record. Well played BAPS.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 13.32.21