WATCH: Awesome Fish With A See Through Head And Mirrors For Eyes. ALL HAIL THE SPOOK FISH!

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 11.42.11 Behold, brothers and sisters, the mighty BARRELEYE, AKA the SPOOK FISH, my new favourite animal. I happened upon this lil dude last night whilst researching subliminal messages in the reversed conversation of humans and babies. Not only does this beautiful little fucker have a SEE THROUGH HEAD, its also got fucking MIRRORS in its eyes. Oh, and his eyes are the things that look like chopped up ping pong balls at the top, the things that look like regular eyes are lil dude's nostrils. Cos he's WAVY.

Here's some rare footage of him swimming around in 2009.


Oh what a glorious thing fish you are.