WATCH: Alan Moore Talking About Swamp Thing


Some lovely people have done the decent thing and put together a Youtube channel - Channel Glycon - collecting together all the Alan Moore interviews and whatnot that can be found on there. I was drawn, by Forbidden Planet, to this amazing interview with the young Alan Moore on the subject of his Swamp Thing ("a mass of sodden plant fibre"), which he was writing for DC comics at the time.

"I reduce myself to slobbering terror in the course of writing stories," says Young Alan, who looks exactly the same as he does now, minus the grey hairs. It's sweet and sad, because he's so excited, and talks with such bitter venom of the experience now. It's also a bit sad to see him talking about how he wishes that Hollywood would make serious, source-respectful movies based on comic books, given the fuckery that was Zack Snyder's Watchmen.