VIDEO: Phil Spector Found Guilty Of Murder

Daaaaamn. Nutjob and genius (are they mutual requisites?) music producer Phil Spector has been found guilty of murdering actress Lana Clarkson at his home in Los Angeles, following a five month retrial.

Spector, 68-year-old, is looking at 18 years to life in prison.

And there was me hoping he'd be up for producing my Christmas LP. Sheee-it.

"I don't think justice was done today," said Spector's lawyer, Doron Weinberg, who plans to appeal. He congratulated the jury on "trying to do the best honest job they could" with "complete integrity and complete honesty", but said they had been working with "improper and prejudicial evidence" which made it impossible for them to reach a fair conclusion, and that he was "very, very certain" that Spector had not been proved guilty "under the proper legal standard". He added that "the nature of the legal errors" made in the trial were "so significant and so clear that there is every likelihood that this case will be set aside on appeal".

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