VIDEO: Joe Pesci - Wiseguy

It is a little known fact that Joe Pesci once had a go at RAPPING, accidentally inventing The Fun Lovin' Criminals in the process. Saying that, this was taken from his second LP, 1998's Vincent Laguardia Gambini: Sings Just For You. So maybe it was the other way round.

Anyway, this awesome. Sample lyric:

"Two supermodels / one on each arm / one chick's brunette / the other one's blonde/ I heard their fathers had stocks and bonds / so I fucked them up and left them floating in a pond."

Damn Joey P, that's harsh! And who did you leave in the pond? The fathers? or the chicks?

Rah though. That's Naomi Campbell in the video as the "brunette." Hot damn!

Now I think about it, was that Joey P rapping with Kid Rock back in the day?

Cheers JoeyDoubleDs for the heads up...