VIDEO: Dollhouse 1x08 - Needs (Streaming)

Have I banged on much about Dollhouse yet? Cos I've been watching it pretty religiously for two months now, and after an odd, intriguing, but ultimately deceptive first few episodes, it's really fucking going for it now. The plot doesn't just thicken - it teems with ever increasingly terrifying, yet fascinating life, like splooge under a constantly-zooming microscope. What started as a seemingly (to some) morally-questionable riff on MK-Ultra lore has revealed itself to be a deeply intelligent essay on "freedom" in the modern world, with virtually none of the now-over-saturated 1984 / Brave New World tropes typically found in such works.

This week's episode, about which to say much at all would be Spoilerly to the cruel extreme,  is a pretty good jumping on point, but I highly recommend starting at the top and paying attention, for the full effect.