Universal: We Don't Need A Copyright Claim To Remove Videos From YouTube

Universal have always been major assholes when it comes to the internet, and they show no signs of changing their rotten little ditty. Prefix reports:

The news surrounding Universal Music Group's battle against MegaUploaded is heating up. According to Digital Music News, the lawfirm for the music label/industry giant has stated that that UMG doesn't need a copyright claim to remove a video from YouTube. Like that celebrity/musician-loaded video in support of MegaUpload, for example, which was taken off YouTube the same day it went live.

When it got pulled by UMG, YouTube asked for a reason. And here's what they got: "As you know, UMG's rights in this regard are not limited to copyright infringement, as set forth more completely in the March 31, 2009 Video Licensing Agreement for UGC Video Service Providers."

Said video is back on YouTube by the way, and you can watch it below if you haven't yet. Head over to Digital Music News for the rest of the story.

That is some sinister shit. So Universal can pull stuff off of Youtube without Youtube's permission and with no copyright claim, just because they feel like it? "UMG's rights in this regard are not limited to copyright infringement"? Really? What in the name of sweet fuck does that mean, because they are a great big disgusting mega corp they get to do whatever the fuck they like? Fuckouttaherewiththat. Lake Of Fire for you, scum,

Sweet lord though, this is a shitty advert. I wonder how much the "stars" involved got piad for their "work".