Tyga Rips Off Starving Youtube Emcee

From Playlouder:

Lots of shameless theft going on today. I'll be posting some serious ish later, but for starters, let's look at Lil Wayne protege Tyga, the tattooed terrapin who doesn't talk about guns or anything, and doesn't drink booze neither.

No, he does none of that shit, but he is STILL A FRAUD LIKE ALL THE REST!

He released First Timers 4 Obama yesterday, a joint that flips Wayne's over saturated A Milli, replacing the "a milli" vocal loop with "Obama". Claiming the conceot as his own, Tyga has been getting lots of praise from the blogs.


Some dude called APT came up with it back in June, posting the home made song and video on Youtube. Check it below, shitty in quality it may be, but it poops all over Tyga's shiny, morally bankrupt version.