Twitterfight: Russell Brand VS Jack Straw

Jack Straw and Russel Brand After years of finding him really really annoying, I have lately been rather impressed with the vocalisings of Mr Russell Brand. The comedian has been upsetting the right people today, after saying righteous things about Jack Straw on Twitter.

The Justice (doublespeak alert! Doublespeak alert!) Secretary just demanded that Brand and Jonathan Ross pay the BBC's £150,000 for Sachsgate. Brand responded by suggesting that the former Foreign Secretary  be fined for his role in invading murdering the children of Iraq.

"'I demand Jack Straw pays the £7billion he squandered on the Iraq war that we didn't want," wrote Brand. "No wonder his son has to toke himself to sleep."

Brand was referring to Straw's son William, who was cautioned for trying to sell cannabis to an undercover reporter in 1997. Which was very funny. The then 17 year old wanted £10 for a lump of rocky, bless him. I bet Straw thought we'd all forgotten about that. I mean, I had. But then my memory is notoriously terrible. Probably because of all the drugs. Ah vey.