Twit Of The Day: David Miliband Sees Bob Dylan

Davis Miliband: Twit Well, that's nice. Not only does David Miliband have a Twitter account, but he's been using it to connect with young voters brag about his glamorous lifestyle.

"Thank God the labour party have a box at the O2," wrote the current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. "Bob Dylan is sensational!"

Well, bully for you, braggedy pants. Its no wonder nobody buys NME anymore, when our politicians are reviewing pop concerts for us on the internets. And what did the former Foreign Secretary make of The Bard's performance?

"Amazing, he's given up all pretense of trying to sing. But even hearing the great man say, "like a rolling stone," just epic."

Wonderful. Nice to see our fictitious money is being spent as wisely as ever. Cheers Dave!

EDIT: Closer reading of the David_Miliband Twitter account and posts like, "The proleteriat make my head hurt!" suggest this to be an admirably restrained fake. Either that or dude is REALLY funny. Either way, some of that Ridonculous Web Dollar might be well served sorting such things...