WATCH: Psychoville 1x01 - Pilot (Stream)

This then, is the new TV show from Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, half of the core team behind The League Of Gentlemen.  And it's called Psychoville. Which made me wary - what was Royston Vasey if not, um, a village full of psychos?


So, yeah. This is, indeed, cut from the same cloth as he pair's former grotesquerie. It's British, so there's lots of men dressing up as women. There's a chain smoking, foul mouthed children's entertainer. And, there is the promise of a overarching narrative to keep one's interest, even if all of the characters (like Dawn French's Pauline retread) do not. Yes, it's "dark", it's gross, it's populated by creepazoids and freakazoids. But it has a bigger budget than TLOG, and no laugh track! And this first episode was promising.

So, yeah. That's what I think. Cheers!