To Swipe Or Not To Swipe? The Boys' Nazi Superman

The Boys' Nazi Superman This just in from The Zombiehamster:

This is a short note to draw your attention to this extreme fuckery by Robertson / Ellis' 'The Boys' which I loved for a few weeks and then forgot it existed. I never even bothered to catch up and forgot it was still in print until this morning when I saw this!

It's not the image that bothers me, swastika's are synonymous with any cheap shock value marketing device, it's the fact that they have only gone and ripped off Frank Quitely's All Star Superman #1 Cover. The Barbarians. I will not stand for this by Toutatis. It's just not on.

They'll say it's a homage, but is it really? Can you homage something that has only existed a few years in itself, even if it is the bollocks, which Morrison's A.S.S. clearly is?

Ripoff of Respectful Tip Of The Hat? You tell me.

I await your thoughts on the matter.


Let's see.

All Star Superman

I think it's pretty dope, to be honest. And I don't think there's any time constraints with "homage". Especially when something's as instantly iconic as Quietly's All Star Superman stuff. Plus, you know, Superman sitting up on a cloud watching the world burn, it's not so off is it? If he's so awesome, why doesn't he end world hunger and stop all wars and cure cancer and shit?

Oh yeah, he did that in All Star Superman.


Well then. I am not personally offened. And I hope the comic's dope, and not just some shlocky obvious sweary nonsense. Anyone else?