The Wit Of DeBurgh

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March 27, 2008 Chris Eggert (31) from Rostock, Germany: Dear Chris: Just today somebody mentioned various options of cracking an egg open at the breakfast. My most favourite way is to pass behind somebody and crack it open on their head. You are up for a laugh if the inside of the egg is nice and runny. It is known you are a champ of practical jokes. Which would you choose for the best you have ever played on somebody? Or which really good one has ever been played on you by whom? Thanks for the laugh, Chris :-) Chris de Burgh: Hi Chris! The thing about practical jokes is they have to be unexpected and you have to have other people watching, so you can have a real good laugh, particularly ones that go on and on for a year. For example one year when we were on tour, Jeff Philips at the beginning of a tour took off a hat that he was wearing, a cowboy style hat and threw it in a bin, outside an airport in Québec City in Canada. I saw him do this and I took it out of the bin. And a year later, at the end of the tour, I put it on his drum kit as we started the final show, and his face was unbelievable. The best egg trick I did was this thing about if you hold it between your palms and push really hard, it won’t break. So I pretended I did that and somebody said “Oh, I can do that.” They tried very hard. So I said “Put it between your knees and see what happens.” So this person put it between his knees, the egg burst and the egg went straight up in the air and landed right all over this person, all over his hair, his legs, everything. It was a very good one. And we all had a good laugh.