The Tears of the Mighty Lion, By Big Ghostface

In light of this morning's upset, I humbly present to you these fine words, by one of our great poets.

Ayo the mighty lion is on his thrones He be havin mad sharp teeth namsayin If a nigga try n fight him he gon get tore apart The lion is so mighty other animals bow to him as he sits on his thrones wit a crown on his head He also got a eyepatch that is black He lost that eye in a altercation wit a tiger Some niggas be sayin a tiger can beat a lion in a fight But they wrong bout that nahmean If that was true then howcome the lion still alive n that tiger he threw down wit is now dead? Ayo maybe the nigga who said that tigers is stronger than lions is a lyin ass nigga? What would make that stupid nigga say that? I think that nigga a retard or somethin Word...lyin n lion be soundin alike I think thats called a hominum or sum shit So he like a lyin ass nigga n Imma lion ass nigga But sometimes the lion be gettin sad n shit Cos he aint be gettin his turn to rock the corduroys N niggas be makin fun of the plaid joints Maybe cos other animals is afraid of him Some these niggas is only monkeys They aint even tigers or panthers or jaguars Last time a nigga check a tiger aint king of the jungle anyway A lion could smack the shit outta tiger Matter fact tigers be lookin like some faggots namsayin Thats why homo niggas be rockin tiger prints You aint never see homo niggas rockin lion shit