The Svenhunter's Top 100 Songs Of '08

17-07-08_2339 Thesvenhunter has listed his top hundress songs of 08 over at his blog. There's handy links and everything. Ch ch ch ch ch ch check it out!

100. Pale Man Made - Sea I Am No more John Peel, no more airplay for the likes of you. George Lamb ain't having any of that. Sorry guys! 99. Ja Ja Wunderbar - Steven and His Bicycle Weezer-lookalike pop-punk-with-an-organ act that rock against the odds and should go off in your ears before too long if they don't do something stupid like stick to their day jobs. This is the 2nd best song I know about a guy called Steven and his bicycle. 98. Bashy - Black Boys This is definitely last year and I definitely heard it then, but just in case you didn't: hear it now.

97. Laura Marling - Ghosts Loathe to report, hype justified. Best of a big crop of Americana-folkies this side of the pond who mostly want pushing into said pond.

96. Ill Bill – White Nigger He's Jewish, he's a rapper, he samples Dragonforce, and he's proud. And so he should be - he's pretty damn awesome on this evidence.

95. The Gaslight Anthem – Old White Lincoln What, again? the thing is, the title track isn't on here andd that's simply an oversight. Just pretend it's somewhere in the top 20, too, yeah? 94. Stricken City – Tak O Tak From one tall, trendy fem-bot to another: this lot could take off. If they keep writing songs like this they deserve to.

93. George Pringle - LCD I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down She doesn't seem to dance much anymore. Probably because she keeps doing the Dr. Feelgood Bilco impression then falling off the stage. Bless her.

92. Biffy Clyro – Mountains What, you again? You can keep writing killer singles, but I refuse to check out your back catalogue.

91. Spiritual Front - Jesus Died In Las Vegas Sure he did.

90. Slow Children – Vanessa Vacillating One of the many gems from this unearthed treasure trove of inventive, stylish, lyrically-loaded snap-pop masterworks.