The secrets behind throwing a successful private view for your next exhibition

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 12.56.03 Whether you are a traditional painter or sculptor, or an avant-garde designer creating lighting or movement installations, you will reach a point in your artistic endeavors when you will want to exhibit your work to the public. The best way to display your work to the public for their appreciation, network with people who can help you with your career, and even possibly interest people in buying a piece, is to have a private view of your new art exhibition.

Why hold a private view?

A private view gives you the opportunity to display your work to the public, marketing your talent and skills to potential investors, and making your completed works available for sale to interested purchasers. Successful artists are measured by the amount of original work they have sold and the amount they have commissioned, and a private view is excellent for facilitating both. A private view puts you into direct contact with your potential buyers, giving you many opportunities to explain your work to them and answer their questions. It also gives you a great chance to network with people in the local art scene, making connections with new people who may assist you with future exhibitions.

Hosting the perfect private view

Hosting your own private view may seem overwhelming, but it can actually be easily accomplished. Start with the promotional aspects; having a private view will be to no avail if no one is there to view anything. Decide what the motivation for this private view will be: to promote your skills and talent, to sell work, or both. Once you have settled on why you want to hold the event, it will help you to hone your promotional targeting so that the right people are there viewing your work. Flyers are a great way to get the word out to the local art scene, as is targeted advertising in the local art newspapers. College campuses are also a good place to advertise.

Entertainment should be minimal, as you want your work to be center stage. You may be able to utilize a local artist or group for a live performance, or perhaps personalize the event by creating a mixtape of music that inspired and motivated your work, something that will help those viewing the work feel it in a new way. Better yet, hire a DJ to set the mood.

Refreshments should be easy to handle. Light finger foods and snacks should be available; cheese, fruit and vegetables as well as a variety of small breads or crackers will work, with a variety of bite-sized desserts, such as cheesecake and even cupcakes, available as well. Having a bartending service is a good plan, allowing guests to have what they like; provide someone experienced who can get creative with cocktails, such as a Bacardi Cuba mojito.

Bacardi is always a great hit with guests. The brand has been around since the 1860’s and is now recognized as one of the world’s leading brands of spirit. The name Bacardi is synonymous with living the good life and style, and the words “Bacardi and Coke please” are now heard in bars and restaurants all over the world. This has been achieved by clever marketing and the promotion of what are now famous cocktails based on Bacardi. Apart from the famous mojito the rum is used in Bacardi Daiquiri, Bacardi Piña Colada and Cuba Libre.

Planning a private view for your artwork may seem like a huge undertaking, but by breaking it down into manageable pieces, focusing on promotion and putting together a fun event where guests will enjoy themselves, you will ensure that the guests remember you, and your artwork, in a very positive light.