The Hangover Trilogy: Bring A Bottle

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 18.37.15As The International Buy Loads Of Stuff And Eat And Drink Your Body Weight Eight Times Over And Take A Week Off Work Festival approaches, Simon Fitzpatrick takes a look at The hangover trilogy, which Akira somehow still hasn't seen a single episode of but is considering doing now. CHEERS!

If you know someone who (to paraphrase Charles Bukowski) is running 250 hangovers a year, and you can’t think what to get them for Xmas, this newly released box-set might just cover it. Assuming they haven’t sold their DVD player for cider money, that is.

To critics, the franchise was a fat, sleek Guernsey cow that, over the course of three decreasingly convincing movies was milked into a coma. Audiences disagreed, with even the third in the series making $250 million profit at the box office.

The Hangover

The Hangover (2009) concerns a gang of thirty-something pals (Doug, Phil, Stu and Alan) who ship out to Vegas to celebrate Doug’s upcoming nuptials. As one does in Vegas, they nip out for a cheeky one and... oh dear. Suddenly it’s the next day and nobody can remember a thing. We’ve all done it. Oh yeah – and Doug is missing. Er, and there’s a tiger in the bathroom. As with so many hangovers, things are likely to get worse before they get better. Note to self; avoid Vegas. Stick to visiting an online casino. There’s less to go wrong.

The Hangover II

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Having learnt from their experience in Vegas, The Hangover II (2011) sees them ready to celebrate Stu’s wedding in a more restrained, grown-up manner. In Bangkok. Oh dear, again. A quiet beer becomes an ocean of booze, obviously, and once again they awaken in a certain amount of physical and mental pain. Teddy, Stu’s prospective brother-in-law, has disappeared. And Stu has a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo. Er, and there’s a severed finger in the room.

The Hangover III

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The Hangover III (2013) brings the foursome back to Vegas and Caesar’s Palace, via a somewhat circuitous sequence of events that includes a giraffe being decapitated by a low bridge while being driven along the freeway by Alan. Turns out that Alan has stopped taking the pills, and his friends now take it upon themselves to get him to rehab in Arizona. It doesn’t, to be perfectly honest, go terribly well.

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The True Meaning Of Christmas

You’ll know by now if this is the sort of thing that the person you have in mind would enjoy. If they like booze, gambling and getting into a bit of a scrape, you’re home and dry. The recommended method of enjoying the trilogy is to binge-watch all three while enjoying a number of refreshing beverages. The fact that the third movie is a little bit crap by any objective standard doesn’t really matter, as by the time you get there you’re all over the shop anyway.

At under £30 for the Blu-Ray metal box set, it’s a lot cheaper than a ticket to Vegas. It’s very nicely packaged anyway, and that’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?

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