The Egyptian Michael Jackson Bust: Proof Of Time Travel

michael jackson egyptian bust

From NBC Chicago:

The Pharaoh of Pop doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as King of Pop, but visitors to Chicago’s Field Museum could swear that’s Jacko’s face on a 3,000-year-old Egyptian bust.

The spitting image limestone sculpture has been on display at the museum since 1988, but recently started drawing attention because of its likeness to Jacko --- complete with disfigured nose.

Unfortunately the bust, which was carved sometime between 1550 B.C. and 1050 B.C., is of a woman and MJ likely never had the chance to see the statuette.

Balls he didn't. He commissioned it. Don't you see? Michael isn't dead. He's lost in time, like Batman. Maybe not lost, even. Maybe it was deliberate. Maybe he deliberately went back  to ancient Egypt, to rule wisely over his people, wear dope makeup without being looked at funny, and stroke hairless cats. YES! All hail Time Traveling Michael Jackson!