Students Face Off Against Police In London 2

From The BBC:

Lines of police are holding back thousands of student protesters in central London, in a wave of protests against higher tuition fees and university budget cuts.

A police van, marooned in the protest on Whitehall, has been attacked.

Students are staging occupations at universities including Royal Holloway, Plymouth, Birmingham, London South Bank, UCL and UWE Bristol.

Police have warned they will make arrests if protests become violent.

Marches, walkouts and protest events are also taking place at universities and colleges in Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Southampton, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

School pupils have walked out of lessons in Winchester, Cambridge, Leeds and London.

Speaking ahead of the protests, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg called on students to reconsider the coalition's tuition fees plans before they take part in a day of protests.

"Examine our proposals before taking to the streets. Listen and look before you march and shout," said Mr Clegg.

Students are protesting against plans to increase tuition fees in England to £9,000 per year and to withdraw public funding for university teaching budgets for many subjects.

You can watch the thing unfold live, through the twisted lens of the BBC, here.