Soulja Boy: Nas Killed Hip-Hop

Soulja Boy has finished off the year with the perfect Negro Please moment, accusing Nas, of all people, of killing hip-hop. Salty as his granddaddy's balls after a year of being accused of being rubbish (and killing hip-hop), and copping a great big "L" when his latest album shifted 45,000 copies in its first week, compared to the last one's 117,000, a shirtless Soulja made the bold claims in his latest Youtube diatribe.

“Real talk the nigga that killed hip-hop for real is Nas, dawg,” said he. “He came out publicly and said hip-hop is dead, and then after that everybody start saying [it]. 'Cause think about it, if Nas woulda never said hip-hop is dead then mofuckers woulda never thought it died. They woulda never had that terminology.”

Soulja went on to complain that Nas' album title was responsible for ruining rappers’ financial situations. “He came out with that shit and fucked up everybody’s money,” wailed Soulja. “He killed his own career with that shit. He shoulda thought about it. You know how they say George Bush fucked up America, it’s the same way with Nas did with hip-hop.”