Social media marketing for your band in the digital age

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 15.56.59 Having a band is a full-time job. It requires a great deal of emotion, hardiness, persistence, talent, and above all else, a strong public image. This is based on your recall value, or simply put, on making a lasting impact in the mind of your audience.

With its mass presence, social media has sidelined traditional marketing methods such as radio spots and flyers, and it can be a boon if you know how to utilize its powers. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the new omnipresent influencers, and they can leverage appeal like nothing else can. Their inbuilt systems are designed to highlight exactly what you want to see. Knowing this formula, coupled with practice and perseverance, can help your band reach the right eyes and ears.

The .com is your home

If you are serious about staying in the music domain, a website dedicated to your band is absolutely essential. Make it personal and communicative. It is your digital home, the source of information on your music, and a medium for your audience to associate with you. It should be no less than your identity. Pay attention to both the aesthetic appeal of the site and technicalities, such as SEO optimization, because performance matters just as much as appearance.

Facebook goes beyond friends

Your band’s Facebook page is just about as powerful as your website. The only difference is that it needs to be much more streamlined and frequent. Facebook is all about updates, so be sure to let your fans know what you are working on, whether it is a jamming session, trying out a new instrument, or even a casual outing with your band members. The point is to be relevant and in the present.

Images, text, and links all form a part of Facebook’s marketing ability, making it a good tool to share important moments in the life of your band. Facebook advertisements allow you to carry out effective campaigns aimed at a demographic layer for a price and duration chosen by you. Alternatively, you can boost an existing post for a smaller price. A good advertisement needs captivating images, and you can find effective images on this website.

Tweeting from the nest

Twitter expresses in small bites and is more palatable than longer Facebook posts. Use it as frequently as possible to tell your fans what your band supports or condemns, the events you attend, how your new album is coming along, or how excited you are about your next gig. You can even conduct polls to engage your followers on a one-to-one basis. Regularity is key, so don’t ever skip a day of valuable involvement with your fans.

Channeling your music

YouTube has brought music to the masses, and it is amazingly effective because of its easy accessibility. Your channel can feature everything from music videos, vlogs, interviews, live performances, and teasers for upcoming events. Be as creative as you can.

Full circle

Each social media platform has unique features, and most offer the ability to link others to it, creating a seamless experience for your audience. Link everything back to your website, be consistent with your communication, and your public image will get stronger faster than you expect.